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English Proposal Essay Topics - Useful Tips For Students

English Proposal Essay Topics - Useful Tips For StudentsAs you think about writing your English proposal essay, you might be wondering where to start. In this article I will give you a list of suggested English proposal essay topics for you to research on. This is a very good idea because it will save you the time that you would spend writing the topic as well as the time that you would spend researching the topic. Remember that these subjects are very important and it is up to you how you will approach this subject matter.To begin with, you might want to think about what you want to write about in English. Do you want to go into politics or global issues? Are you going to address a subject that is relatively new or have a non-fiction type of topic? For example, do you want to talk about an upcoming federal election or do you want to cover any current happenings that may impact your community? Here are some suggestions for topics that you might like to investigate further.If you do n ot want to do anything politically oriented then you can choose to write about something that is non-political. For example, write about your favorite book or movie, then write about your favorite ice cream. You could even write about your favorite holidays or the things that you love to do. Writing about something you love to do gives you a lot of flexibility in your English proposal essay. If you do not feel comfortable writing about something in particular, do not worry about it as there are plenty of subjects that you can write about.The next area to consider is the type of language that you want to use. The topic that you choose can greatly affect the topic that you use for your English proposal essay. For example, if you choose to use a literary style, which is very common in American English, then you will use English phrases such as is, was, and should. To use this style of English in a political scenario you may want to use words such as were, did, and can.In addition to th e type of language that you choose, you need to consider what topics will interest you the most and you can find that most people prefer topics that they are already familiar with. For example, if you were to choose to write about a new city, you might be interested in the entertainment industry or the weather. There are also many topics that are commonly talked about but they are not yet popular enough to be addressed in an essay.You can use one of the above suggested topics to start your paper if you decide to write a general essay or maybe a tutorial that can be used in a class. However, if you are unsure how to write about something for a specific topic, you can always research it on your own. There are many places online that you can look for articles that will give you advice on different topics that you can discuss in an essay. For example, if you chose to write about the recession you can find tips on how to make your essay more engaging.The final area to research for Englis h proposal essay topics is on the internet. You can check out websites that discuss subjects that are often covered in these types of essays. Many times, when you visit these websites you will find that the information that you have researched is already included in courses on writing an essay that you have taken in school.

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The Civil War In Syria Is Not Like Typical Internal Conflicts

The Civil war in Syria is not like typical internal conflicts due to the sheer number of different groups fighting in the same small territory. Primarily, this is a fight for power in the nation of Syria and each group has a special affinity for the land. This has led to a power struggle in the small area, and the people of the nation, whether they are fighting or not, are all suffering in different ways. There are some who have chosen to fight for their cause. They are not the majority, however. Many, half of the country in fact, have been displaced and forced to walk miles, in temperatures estimated more that 120 degrees fahrenheit, from their home country to refugee camps after suffering directly and immensely in their own homes. Not†¦show more content†¦Hearing loss is very common in places where bombs have been used frequently and aggressively, like the Syrian conflict. Although there are groups who have dedicated their time to helping refugees regain physical mobility and restore hope in the world, not many, outside of camps can completely understand and recognize anything but the visible, physical damages which are more easily spotted than the mental and internal damages. These are also broadcast more than internal injuries because their is a picture to put with the injury. A group based in Chicago has made strides toward raising awareness for the issue while working on and treating individuals and their specific challenges with hearing loss. Deaf Planet Soul, the Chicago-based organization, went on a two week crusade to assist Syrians who have become deaf or had any loss of hearing. The charity is not only treating those affected by the war, but that is their main focus. A case which gained global recognition is of Aya, a now fatherless girl. She was able to hear her mother tell her she missed her after she had travelled to Chicago to regain hearing with implants and regain the ability to communicate with her mother and grandmother, her only relatives not massacred by a rocket which struck her house in 2012. She was ecstatic in the encounter she had over video phone with her mother and was even more enthusiastic when her mother, currently in Germany, complimented her new hearingShow MoreRelatedThe Artist Of Brownstones By Jacob Lawrence2193 Words   |   9 PagesThis is a clear piece of the architecture that led to the swelling civil rights movement of the 50s. During the 1920s and 1930s, as a result of the combined forces of the Great Migration, the Depression, the Jazz Era, and the Harlem Renaissance, Harlem was transformed into a community with a unique identity. A sanctuary for African-American art, this new cultural oasis enjoyed a sense of optimism in spite of economic difficulties. Like many writers and artists of his time, Jacob Lawrence, the artistRead MoreWater Can Easily Be Considered As The Most Essential Nonrenewable1847 Words   |  8 Pagesthere is scarcity of fresh water, which is making people nervous. Groundwater is at an all-time low and it takes a long time to recharge. People are pulling water out faster than aquifers can recharge. What happens when this substance runs out? Several wars, over the years, have arisen in places such as the Middle East to control water because the rate of decrease is at an all-time high. Desert is the main land condition that dominates the Middle East which means drier air, sand, and minimum water availableRead MoreThe Birth of Civilization18947 Words   |  76 Pagestools, and metals over long distances? The available evidence provides no definitive answer. Understanding the origins of the early civilizations and the lives of the men and women who lived in them from what is left of their material culture is like reconstructing a dinosaur from a broken tooth and a fragment of jawbone. Focus Questions ââ€"† What were the processes behind the creation of early civilizations? ââ€"† What are the similarities and differences among the world’s earliest civilizationsRead MoreMuslim Spain (711-1492)8971 Words   |  36 Pagestextiles, and even hydraulic technology.Their rich, complex culture reached a high point in the Mediterranean Middle Ages. However, larger forces in conquest of land and power brought about puritanical judgments, absolutism and religious extremism. The conflict they triggered extinguished the shared learning that once flourished in this enlightened land. ...I will forgive all the shortcomings and remove the evil deeds of those who were expelled from their homes or were persecuted for My sake and whoRead MoreInternational Management67196 Words   |  269 Pagesglobal balance of economic power. Many emerging markets continued to experience growth during a period in which developed countries saw their economies stagnate or decline. The global political environment remains volatile and uncertain, with ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and Africa and continuing tensions in Iran, North Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan, especially as the U.S. role in these latter two countries evolves. On the economic front, failure to conclude important trade agreements, includingRead MoreDoing Business in the Asia/Pacific Rim Region31325 Words   |  126 Pagess second largest FDI recipient, attracting US$54.4 billion inward investment in 2007. Hong Kong was also ranked Number 1 globally in the report s Inward FDI Performance Index, which measures the am ount of FDI relative to the size of the economy. Like trade and development, Hong Kong and Mainland China are the key to each other s success. Hong Kong is the largest investor on Mainland China, and Mainland investment in Hong Kong amounts to some 2,000 enterprises and over 25% of the total stock.

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The Horrors of War Depicted in Owens Dulce Et Decorum...

It is clear when a country goes to war, patriotism and support for ones’ country is obvious. After events of nine eleven, there were large amount of support given to soldiers fighting in Iraq. Banners, stickers, rallies were some ways people showed their gratitude. Little do they know, many of the strong men, who are in battle, goes through an episode where they fear death more than anything else. In the writings of William B. Yeats and Wilfred Owens, their war poems depicts an emotional load that they have encountered, to a point where death was no longer a fear but a desire. War is not a pretty sight. On the battle field, what is seen, felt and heard isn’t fully comprehensible unless one experienced it first hand. Owen’s†¦show more content†¦Yeats’s was an airmen of his home village, the Kiltartan Cross. The first four verse put the reader in a nonchalant mood because the verses tells the reader how he felt. Yeats was more neutral when it came to the war. His enemies he fights against he doesn’t hate and the people who he fights for, he doesn’t love. Most soldiers would feel differently. Fighting for your country brings honor and dignity among yourself. Yeats did not feel that way at all. All he knew was somewhere among the clouds, death was lingering. In the midst of the haunting darkness, treacherous sounds and dying soldiers, the fear of death was no longer the issue for Owen and Yeats. The war has taken such an emotional toll, to where death was a motivation to get out. War is painful. Soldiers are put in a lot physical and mental extremities. Owen and Yeats were mentally suffering from all the commotion. In verse 15-17, Owen describes his feelings as if it were a painful dream. The use of diction helps to more clearly define what the he is saying. Words like guttering, choking, and drowning not only show how he is suffering, but a terrible pain that no human being should bear. Yeats f elt the same as Owen. Though they were fighting in two different scenarios, they shared a common outlook. In verse 9-12, the law, his civil duty, nor cheering crowds of supporters was no motive for Yeats to be in war. All Yeats felt was â€Å"a lonely impulse of delight.† Yeats uses the only

Economic Influences of Mahindra & Mahindra †

Question: Discuss about the Economic Influences of Mahindra Mahindra. Answer: Economic Political Influences At its domestic peak in 2010, Mahindra Mahindra rose to become Indias fourth largest automaker, in order to experience growth the company needed to look to expand to international markets. The global automotive is of particular importance in the mature economies including the United States of America and emerging economies including China and India, as well as wealth the industry provides a lot of job opportunities to locals. Data from the KPMG report attributes the automobile industry as one of the key drivers in Indias economy, accounting for approximately 4% of the gross domestic product and over 200 000 jobs in 2010. As the Indian economy has grown at a steady rate so to has the percentage of people who are able to afford vehicles, which has resulted in a rise in demand. This rise also saw Mahindra Mahindra look to international markets and alliances to ensure access to the best technology and infrastructure. Political factors that aided expansion into global markets resulted from the changingeconomic state which say the breakdown of trade and investment barriers. In regards to the Indian government's input in the future of automobiles they need to provide the support to ensure growth trends are maintained as well as encourage ecologically sustainable vehicles, this will come through closely regulating environmental standards. Evaluation and solutions (Sam) India's large enterprises have many similar aspects, one of which is involved in the industry is very wide, covering different areas. The advantage of this strategy is enterprise could easily achieved economies of scale effect, winner takes all. Meanwhile, across different industry could makes its product line wider and use differentiation strategy (porters generic strategy) its helpful to find out the potential business opportunities. However, its disadvantage is obvious as well, because of the wildly operating, its capital can not been used concentratelly. Its capital advantage is splitted. Therefore, the product line with opportunities will not receive enough support from company. Although, those companies always get policy and capital support from local government. In global period, over rely on government support without improve its power , company will not spread its advantage at domestic market from all over the world. The case mentioned that Mm COMPANY has a very wide product line, including different categories. Their direct competitors including japanese automobile industry and American auto industry. Japanese companies are famous for its eco category cars, which is cheap and energy saved product.American companies have a deep understand about their domestic market and customer demand. Each company has been in this particular market for many years, accumulated a lot of technology and patent advantages, through the global OEM to reduce labor costs and Maximize those advantages. In the other hands, The US auto market has been developed for many years, the market is mature. New competitors are unfriendly in North America. Those big names have their own vertical market for years. Each company's market share is stable.It is very difficult for MM to gain its market share. Currently,M M is mainly through the acquisition of internationally renowned brands to complete the technology upgrade, enhance market share and remain competitive.This practice is very effective in the short term, but for the company's long-term development is not feasible. Acquisition not only requires large capital Expenses, while the acquisition of asset conversion rate can not reach 100%, the acquisition of enterprises often have some business problems such as debt, the product line did not meet the market demand.If the company can not be reasonable for the acquisition of assets Of the M M company's current situation, the difficulty of entering the US market will be higher than entering the Asian and European countries.For the characteristics of the US market, M M could launch some specific product to test the market reaction. it is not recommended to provide full range of products to the US market in the short term.For the special needs of US consumers, several well selected product to win a good market reputation, Combined with the acquisition before, steadily expand its investment, can effectively resist the investment risk. Conclusion: Being one of the biggest representatives of Indian Automobile industry, Mahindra Mahindra makes important contribution to GDP as well as employment of India. Theeconomic steady state growth and resultant rise in income and affordability subsequently increased the demand for the vehicles in market. The domestic demand of the nation propelled the business of the company making it fourth largest automaker. The international big players in this sector are US, Japan and China that create much competition for the Mahindra Mahindra in form of better knowledge of market, sound technology and resultant cheap pricing and availability of capital. Expansion of international market demand became the prime focus of the company .This has led the firm to adopt the strategies of diverse production and economies of scale, acquisition and alliance with international brands to upgrade its technology and infrastructure. The firm needs to shift its focus toward strategies giving it edge over others in the long run. This requires consolidation of capital. The method of acquisition comes with challenges of debt, higher capital base and the firm needs to adopt techniques of asset acquisition combined with selective product launch that would consolidate the firms market popularity overseas as well as Resilience against investment risk. Moreover, the role of political bodies in the market expansion is immense because the policies in support of the abolition of trade and investment barrier are of crucial importance to make cross-border movement of goods and make transaction. Another way government helps in business growth and operation of the firm is to regulate for encouraging production maintaining ecological standards that would also make the products competitive in world market.

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Speech By Neville Chamberlain Essays - Neville Chamberlain

Speech By Neville Chamberlain British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain gave this speech to the House of Commons on September 1, 1939, just hours after Hitler's troops had invaded Poland. Chamberlain and others had spent years negotiating with Hitler in order to prevent another war in Europe, two decades after the Great War in which an entire generation of young men had been wiped out. Negotiations with Hitler had included surrendering the sovereign rights of Czechoslovakia and standing by as Hitler's troops took Austria. By 1939, Hitler desired war and any further attempts to negotiate peace were doomed to failure. The Nazis then staged a fake attack on a German radio outpost along the German-Polish border and used that as an excuse for invasion. I do not propose to say many words tonight. The time has come when action rather than speech is required. Eighteen months ago in this House I prayed that the responsibility might not fall upon me to ask this country to accept the awful arbitrament of war. I fear that I may not be able to avoid that responsibility. But, at any rate, I cannot wish for conditions in which such a burden should fall upon me in which I should feel clearer than I do today as to where my duty lies. No man can say that the Government could have done more to try to keep open the way for an honorable and equitable settlement of the dispute between Germany and Poland. Nor have we neglected any means of making it crystal clear to the German Government that if they insisted on using force again in the manner in which they had used it in the past we were resolved to oppose them by force. Now that all the relevant documents are being made public we shall stand at the bar of history knowing that the responsibility for this terrible catastrophe lies on the shoulders of one man, the German Chancellor, who has not hesitated to plunge the world into misery in order to serve his own senseless ambitions... Only last night the Polish Ambassador did see the German Foreign Secretary, Herr von Ribbentrop. Once again he expressed to him what, indeed, the Polish Government had already said publicly, that they were willing to negotiate with Germany about their disputes on an equal basis. What was the reply of the German Government? The reply was that without another word the German troops crossed the Polish frontier this morning at dawn and are since reported to be bombing open towns. In these circumstances there is only one course open to us. His Majesty's Ambassador in Berlin and the French Ambassador have been instructed to hand to the German Government the following document: Early this morning the German Chancellor issued a proclamation to the German Army which indicated that he was about to attack Poland. Information which has reached His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom and the French Government indicates that attacks upon Polish towns are proceeding. In these circumstances it appears to the Governments of the United Kingdom and France that by their action the German Government have created conditions, namely, an aggressive act of force against Poland threatening the independence of Poland, which call for the implementation by the Government of the United Kingdom and France of the undertaking to Poland to come to her assistance. I am accordingly to inform your Excellency that unless the German Government are prepared to give His Majesty's Government satisfactory assurances that the German Government have suspended all aggressive action against Poland and are prepared promptly to withdraw their forces from Polish territory, His Majesty's Gover nment in the United Kingdom will without hesitation fulfill their obligations to Poland. If a reply to this last warning is unfavorable, and I do not suggest that it is likely to be otherwise, His Majesty's Ambassador is instructed to ask for his passports. In that case we are ready. Yesterday, we took further steps towards the completion of our defensive preparation. This morning we ordered complete mobilization of the whole of the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force. We have also taken a number of other measures, both at home and abroad, which the

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Dailys reluctance Essays

Dailys reluctance Essays Dailys reluctance Essay Dailys reluctance Essay Kipps wants to know more about the village he is travelling to and find out more about Mrs Drablow. Simon Daily speaks openly about Crythin, explaining that there are rarely any visitors; he talks quickly and fluently, maintaining eye contact with Mr Kipps. However, the easy social discourse comes to an abrupt halt when Kipps enquires about the recent demise of his client, Mrs Drablow. His enquiry is greeted by an immediate silence. Samuel Daily clams up, sits up straight in his chair, withdraws eye contact and instead stares pointedly out of the window. He thus conveys very clearly that the subject bothers him and he is not happy to divulge any of the tales that surround her family. Because this behaviour is such a contrast to the easy, friendly manner he had a few moments before, we wonder what could possibly have provoked such a strong reaction. We are left with the suspicion that there things afoot that are so horrible that people do not want to discuss or want to pretend did not happen or just want to cover up. Since we know no more than Kipps we are in the same position as he- and so our identification with him as a character is more complete. Kipps seems surprised by the sudden change in mood, and retreats back into sitting almost in silence for the remainder of the journey while his troubled expression hints at the worries preying on his mind . The tension that has been built up by Dailys reluctance to discuss Mrs Drablow reaches a climax when the lights suddenly go off and the theatre is plunged into darkness. This shocks the audience and the actors, and give us a taste of further shocks that lie in store. The lights flash back on – and we realise that the train has emerged from the tunnel. From this moment we see that Kipps’ anxiety is heightened , conveyed by his gestures- he starts fiddle with his cuffs- and his breathing-he takes deep, slightly uneven breaths. The scene I have just described does much to involve the audience with the feelings of the characters portrayed. By asking us to believe in the situations they find themselves in (i.e. the train, although it is, after all, just a pretend train) we suspend disbelief. By giving our imagination free reign like that, we, the audience, are leaving ourselves open to imagine all sorts of other less everyday things. We are more open to the power of suggestion- especially the fear-inducing suggestions of spectres and unhappy spirits that are to come. The second scene I have chosen to examine takes place immediately after the interval.  The curtain rises after the interval to show Mr Kipps in the office of Mr Jerome (who is being played by the actual, older Mr Kipps) . Earlier in the play, they were in the village graveyard at dusk and the young actor playing the part of the young Mr Kipps caught sight of the ghostly woman in black. This has greatly disturbed Mr Jerome (i.e. the real Arthur Kipps). So, even before Kipps asks Mr Jerome to accompany him back to Eel Marsh House you can tell Mr Jerome is extremely nervous. He nearly jumps out of his chair when Mr Kipps knocks and the rapid darting of his eyes during their encounter gives the impression that he is not fully concentrating on his visitor, but is checking the shadows for any uninvited spectres. Like a vulnerable animal who knows a predator might be lurking nearby he is on red alert, aware his very survival may be threatened. The actor further communicates his unease by the use of his body movements and his voice. For instance, his high pitched greeting and the fidgeting in his office chair show his discomfort at being visited by one who has seen the woman in black .The brief but tense silence that follows Mr Kipp’s proposal that they return to the house and the horrified expression on Mr Jerome’s face confirms his terror. He refuses point blank to help Mr Kipps.  He licks his lips repeatedly suggesting his mouth is dry with fear, another signal of his agitation and distress. He begins to pace the room, clutching a handkerchief with which he dabs his brow- suggesting that he has broken out into a cold sweat-another outward symbol of his anxiety. His clenched fist and stiff posture also reinforce the tension he feels. He cannot bear to look Mr Kipps in the eye so turns from him, thus making a barrier between him and what he sees as the immediate threat. His speech becomes jerky, his voice wavering .Perhaps feeling faint with fear, Mr Jerome leans over supporting himself on the back of his office chair . His body language at this stage seems to be saying that if he does not clutch a solid object, something linked to the earth, he may be in danger of drifting away. Recovering his sense of survival, he has a sudden outburst of shouting. However, this reinforces the audience’s impression that this is not a man in control of his emotions, his voice, his senses, his body .I think Michael Meer’s’ portrayal of Mr Jerome ,in the scene described above, was very effective as he conveyed a lot about the character in a reasonably short scene. He also seemed aware of every part of his body and was therefore able to show complete fear and anxiety. He depicted very successfully a man who had lost his equilibrium, with jerky movements and speech. He showed an inability to regain composure and even planted doubts in the minds of the audience about his sanity. The actors interacted well with the two mirroring each others unease. The stagecraft was good in that the actors both commanded our attention- one was not dominating the scene more than the other.  The two scenes I have described from The Woman in Black show that the dramatic power of the play depends greatly on the skill of the two actors who use all their non verbal skills to develop the tension rather than merely relying on what they are saying. By employing very convincing mime and close observation of how people behave under stress or when they are very frightened, they convince us and involve us in the dark world they create on stage.

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5 Parts of the Writing Process Essay Example for Free

5 Parts of the Writing Process Essay ? 1. Pre-Writing – Before you sit down to write something, you need to figure out what you are going to write about. 2. Drafting – Once you have planned out your ideas, the next step is to start drafting, or writing. 3. Revising – When you revise, you are looking at the parts of your document and making sure that each part works together to make a coherent whole. 4. Proofreading – When a person is finished the â€Å"writing† step of the process and have revised your work, then it is up to the writer to take a step back and look at the writing for errors and correct them. 5. Delivering – Delivering in its simplest form refers to a text that is meant to be read to an audience. 5 Resources to Help You Improve Your WritingSkills 1. Writing Clearly: A Self-Teaching Guide by Dawn B. Sova With Writing Clearly: A Self-Teaching Guide, you’ll discover the answers to these questions and many more about the basics of communicating effectively through the written word. Each chapter in this hands-on guide focuses on key steps in the writing process, identifying the shared and differing skills demanded by each type of writing; from a persuasive essay, a business letter, or a scientific report. The straightforward, structured format makes it fully accessible, providing an easy-to-understand overview for everyone from students beginning to build skills, to adults looking to improve their writing, to the experienced writer hoping to further hone skills in a certain area. This book allows you to build gradually on what you have learned at your own pace. Questions and self-tests reinforce the information in each chapter and allow you to skip ahead or focus on specific areas of concern. Packed with useful, up-to-date information, this clear, concise volume is a valuable learning tool and reference source for anyone who wants to develop or improve his or her basic writing skills. 2. Report Writing Skills Training Course by Margaret Greenhall  This book makes report writing a step by step process for you to follow every time you have a report to write. Margaret’s understanding of how people read and remember gives a unique view to the process of report writing. This book brings you her tried and tested training techniques to make the process of writing a report straight forward. 3. The Writer’s Workplace with Readings: Building College Writing Skills by Sandra and John Scarry John Scarry and Sandra Scarry present writing instruction in a clear and manageable form, with step-by-step explanations to help build and maintain students’ confidence in their writing. The result of many years of classroom teaching and research, this comprehensive and time-tested resource reflects the authors’ understanding that every student is unique, with different backgrounds and interests that must be accounted for as they engage in the writing process. This offers instructors the opportunity to customize their own version of the book by including or excluding any sections that they do or do not teach in their course-making this a text that reflects not only the students’ needs and experiences, but their instructor’s as well. 4. Writing With Power: Techniques For Mastering the Writing Process by Peter Elbow A classic handbook for anyone who needs to write. This book speaks to everyone who has wrestled with words while seeking to gain power with them. Here, Peter Elbow emphasizes that the essential activities underlying good writing and the essential exercises promoting it are really not difficult at all. Employing a cookbook approach, Elbow provides the reader (and writer) with various recipes: for getting words down on paper, for revising, for dealing with an audience, for getting feedback on a piece of writing, and still other recipes for approaching the mystery of power in writing. By taking risks and embracing mistakes, Elbow hopes the writer may somehow find a hold on the creative process and be able to heighten two mentalities–the production of writing and the revision of it. From students and teachers to novelists and poets, Writing with Power reminds us that we can celebrate the uses of mystery, chaos, no planning, and magic, while achieving analysis, control, explicitness, and care in whatever it is we set down on paper. 5. Steps to Writing Well by Jean Wyrick  Writing well is just a step away! This book gives the student the ultimate step-by-step guide to writing effective essays. With the author’s clear, practical advice and student-friendly tone, you’ll find it easy to begin, organize, and revise your writing-from choosing a topic to developing your essay to polishing your prose. Interesting readings in a variety of styles offer useful examples of the types of essays you’ll most often be assigned in your composition and other college classes. 5 Parts of the Writing Process. (2017, Jan 26).